We're excited to share that Google Fiber is coming to Silverton neighborhood.

Network construction is scheduled to begin November 20th and last 2-3 weeks. Google Fiber uses a method called "shallow-trenching" to build our networks. Here's what you can expect during the construction process:

1. Prior to construction, existing utilities are marked by a third party organization to minimize the chances of hitting them.

2. Google Fiber crews cut a narrow and shallow groove at the side of the roadway into which the fiber is placed.

3. Depending on the specific neighborhood design, connection points may be created between the road and your home so that service can be added quickly when new customers request it.

Notification will be placed on your door a few days before construction is scheduled to begin on your street. 

You will be able to sign up for the service once construction is a bit closer to completing in the neighborhood. We will send an additional communication when sign ups are available and you can get the service installed in your home.

If you have any questions during the construction process or experience any construction damage, you may call Google Fiber's 24 hour support line at 877-454-6959 or email them at googlefiber-triangle@google.com.



Alena Rodriguez

Consumer Sales Lead - Raleigh/Durham

Provided by Nelson

Google Fiber


(984) 212-6323

Connect with members of our Google Fiber team at events and locations around town. Learn more here.


December 17th at 3PM 
Located at 109 Silverbrook Drive

Cookies, hot chocolate, and some time with the big guy! Please RSVP by Dec 3rd at silvertonhoasocial@gmail.com

Executive Summary: The applicant has requested the Town consider an amendment to the Town of Cary Official Zoning Map in the NE quadrant of the NW Cary Parkway and Evans Road intersection, accessed by Geyer Court. The rezoning request is to amend this portion of the previously approved Silverton Planned Development District (PDD) to change the use designation from Office and Institutional (O&I) to Residential Multi-family (RMF) to allow the development of townhomes with a maximum density of seven (7) dwellings per acre.

See the Town of Cary website for complete details. 


Click here to view Windbrooke Townhome HOA's Website... 

Please visit this website to download forms needed for the Windbrooke Townhomes.

Do you like to Socialize?  If so, we've got the perfect job for you! The Silverton HOA Board is looking for volunteers to serve on the neighborhood's Social Committee. It's a great job! You get to meet others in the neighborhood while developing a strong "community". The Social Committee typically organizes events for the neighborhood kids and/or families. These events can range from simple play dates at a park for young families to neighborhood sponsored picnics at a nearby shelter.

If you are interested in being part of the social committee for Silverton, please contact the board at SHOA Board's Email.  You can also join the Silverton Social group on Facebook. 
Go to: https://www.facebook.com/groups/silvertonsocial/